General Information

What is Highroad?

Highroad is an innovation platform, designed to invest and support the technological disruption of our daily lives. We help great entrepreneurs set and achieve the right business goals to get them there.

You can visit these pages to learn more about our story and our programs.

I’ve been accepted into the Highroad Launchpad program. What's next?

Congratulations! Following your acceptance, and upon the beginning of the cohort, a kickoff meeting will be scheduled with your leading Highroad partner to start planning your journey, requirements, and needs.

Do we need to operate physically from Highroad?

Basically yes. In order to maximize the results from the Launchpad program, we believe that there is a great value in the founders operating physically from Highroad during the entire period. Operating from Highroad has many benefits, including:

  • Real-time support, whenever you need it
  • Knowledge and expertise exchange with other Highroad members
  • Exposure to investors and potential partners visiting Highroad
  • A hassle-free environment. You can focus on your business, not on logistics
  • Our professional conference rooms. You have access to Highroad conference rooms and other services to host meetings professionally

That said, we understand that you will still need to be present outside the office from time to time and that’s why we have set two specific days a week we expect you to be present at the office, at least.

Can we use the conference rooms for meetings?

Highroad provides three fully-featured conference rooms in different sizes for the startups. You can book a room through our administrative manager, subject to availability. Note that if you are using a conference room without reserving it – a priority will be granted to those who booked it.

Can we schedule office hours with Highroad’s mentors and experts?

As part of the Highroad Launchpad, you can schedule meetings with our experts. The process of scheduling the first meeting will be done by our team.


Do Highroad's experts provide ancillary services or consulting?

Highroad’s experts offer consulting services only. They can guide, instruct and teach you, but if you need a service provider (a legal firm, DBA, an accountant, or software development company, for example) you may consult with your leading Highroad partner.

After the Launchpad program ends, you are welcome to meet with the mentors and experts directly.

What is the scheduling process for the workshops?

Every few weeks, a content day or a workshop will take place at Highroad for the benefit of the startups. These events are usually 4-6 hours long and include top experts in various fields with the purpose of preparing you for the most important challenges ahead and help you build your toolbox to use along your journey. You will be given adequate notice of your invitation so that you can plan ahead.

Does Highroad help us with networking?

Highroad takes great pride in its in-house programs but is also a resource for the larger ecosystem. As such, we are invited to many events, and that invitation now extends to you. You will have opportunities to pitch before relevant business delegations, meet your competitors, participate in hackathons, and take part in other interesting and relevant events. Your networking starts with us.

How do I choose the right mentor?

Highroad’s mentors are serial entrepreneurs with vast experience in handling the challenges you are experiencing. They provide you with the support you need to solve your daily dilemmas (whether to collaborate with new partnerships, negotiating with potential investors, prioritizing between major milestones, or brainstorming business development, to name just a few examples).

We suggest carefully reading our mentors’ biographies to choose one or two that simply feel right to you. We will then set up a meeting to find the one that suits you best. We also suggest you work with one mentor for the entire period so that he or she can observe your entire journey and provide consistent guidance.

Note that while we take pride in recruiting the best mentors, they do have their own businesses, so it is your responsibility to take a more proactive approach in contacting and requesting guidance. As always, we are here to help you with any need that may arise.

How is your leading Highroad partner involved in your journey?

You will have weekly update meetings with your leading Highroad partner, and you can ask for assistance with anything, and specifically things related to the success of the program and your goals. You may reach out and consult with any member of the Highroad team – just be aware that only the designated leading Highroad Partner will be up to date with your progress and current status.

Tell me more about your demo event, the Highroad.show

At the end of each cohort, we are having a demo event where the startups pitch their ventures to an audience of investors and strategic partners. Among them, you may find local and foreign venture capital firms, angel investors, corporate venture capital firms, multinational corporations, and more. The Highroad.show includes a pitch stage and side booths. You will be able to present your company as well as initiate one-on-one meetings throughout the event. The Highroad.show is an invite-only event, exclusively focuses only on relevant investors and strategic partners.

Do you actively make introductions to investors, clients and ecosystem partners?

Absolutely. We do it throughout the program, during the Highroad.show and even afterward. Remember that your success is our success!

Do you collaborate with academic institutions?

Yes. Highroad has strong relationships with the Technion, Bar-Ilan University, Tel-Aviv University, Afeka College, HIT, the Hebrew University, College of Management, and others. We will initiate contact with the relevant personnel in academic institutions so that you can create effective working relationships and networks.